The Fox and The Wolf

by Miette

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The morning sun on the mountain
did rouse the young earth from its sleep.
The branches of birches were moaning
and bringing the birds to their feet..
And as they took flight in the glistening sky
their wings kept in time with the beat,
They were looking below for the willow,
whom every morning would weep.

Now deep in the ground is a fox hole
at the foot of the sorrowful tree.
Though barely alive, it had one fox inside
who was through with his winter retreat
And as he awoke he saw light in the hole,
that was telling him he should come to..
and as he crawled out, shook the dirt from his snout
and bowed down his soft paws to the blue.

He lifted one foot at a time,
and made his way down to the pines
for he knew there was water there,
and could wash the moss out from his hair.
His fiery coat shone in the sun,
and as he neared the pool the fox did run,
he ran so fast he couldn’t see
the water splashing on another beast..

“Who goes there in my waterfall?”, Says the brown eyes.
“I do not fear you, fox-hole-dwelling blue eyes”
The fox was looking all around,
but there were merely shadows on the ground.

“Show yourself you wicked fiend!”
His voice was shaking, as he screamed this thing.
It echoed wildly in the air,
and fleeted quickly as if never there.
He found it hard not to show fear,
but how was he supposed to like it here
when there are monsters in the fog,
drinking all the water from his bog?

The leaves at the edge of the water
spoke softly beneath tiny feet.
The fox looked above and saw silver,
the thick lovely fur of the beast,
and as their eyes met all of fear slipped away.
The heart of the fox skipped a beat.
The creature before him was lovely,
the most beautiful creature he’d meet.

“Perhaps we could share this here water”,
the wolf said softly and smiled.
The fox gave a nod as he joyously trod
to spend time with wolf for a while,
and the while turned to days, and the days into years
and the years flew by with the breeze,
and the sun settled down on the mountain,
as the birds made their homes in the trees.


released June 10, 2017
Jennifer Merkel - Recording, producing, vocals, instrumentation, etc.



all rights reserved


Miette New York

I write music you should listen to.

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